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Local warehouse and transport

01 Local warehouse: We meet our customers’ demand for local warehouse by specialized storage, standardized shelves and automatic classification and picking operated by equipment and personnel.

02 Punctual delivery to the spot: Our professional transport team guarantees the punctuality of delivery to the spot required.

03 One lump-sum service of clearance and unloading for the first trip: One lump-sum service gives you perfect experience.

04 Warehouse integration: We improve our logistics plan by offering warehouse integration in order to save your cost and enhance your profit.

Transshipment in overseas warehouse

1.We solve the problem of overseas transshipment by warehouse integration

2.professional small parcel shelves

3.various value-added services

4.returned purchase   improved returning service

5.door to door” on time service

6.professional overseas warehouse

7.clearance solution

8.automatic sorting equipment

9.one order to the end of overseas transshipment

10.professional sorting personnel

11.shipment full-trip tracking

Logistics Module Process

 T9 one lump-sum transshipment service

  1. Unloading

  2. Inventory

  3. On and off shelf

  4. Uploading

  5. Delivery

Successful Cases


T9 Logistics offers a comprehensive service tailored for those different manufacturers and E-commerce entering the European Market. We help those enterprises when going abroad with local purchase and sale, direct buy and send of European brands to a large scale, as well as warehouse integration and one lump-sum services of clearance and loading. You will be an international logistics company outstanding in Europe and extended to the global with the assistance of T9 Transport.

        1.Global supply chain brands for Europe
  1. Transforming from exporter to cross-border E-commerce
  2. Cross-border payment service provider
  3. Cross-border logistics service provider
  4. Third party cross-border service provider
  5. European E-commerce